Cornerstone Staffing Solutions General Labor/Assembly in Alma, Michigan

emuJob Title:/u/em General Laborer – Assembly LineemuDepartment: /u /em Stringer Cell, Underbody, Creek and BundleemuJob Summary:/u/em The General Laborer on the assembly line is assigned to a specific work cell on the assembly line and is required to perform job duties specific to that work cell such as: top installation, furniture installation, wall installation, etc.emuKey Responsibilities:/u/emulliAdheres to all safety policies and procedures/liliFollows all pre-established installation and quality methods, procedures and guidelines to ensure consistency of work/liliReads order-specific job travelers and/or engineered drawings to ensure each order is produced to specifications/liliUses various hand tools, power tools, and air tools (saws, staplers, drills, grinders, screwdrivers, rivet guns, sanders, etc.)/liliCompletes job duties as needed within assigned work cell/liliCompletes all job duties within given time constraints/liliPerforms other duties as assigned/liliCross-trains between several different jobs/liliCleans and maintains work area/liliPursues continuous improvement to improve efficiency of job duties and work flow/li/ul