Jonny Heinz Landscaping, LLC Snow Season 2019 in Saginaw, Michigan

Snowplowing Commercial and Residential Accounts, Tri-Cities.Salting parking lots, load up with salt steer experience needed.Snow plowing starts at all hours of the day or night. JHL starts at 2" and sometimes work 24 hours to get the job done.Check truck before heading out, lights, fluids, tires, plow fluids, chains, harness, controller.Do scheduled accounts on job detailed sheet.When complete for shift, clean truck out, fuel up, check fluids, wash plow off, wash truck.Turn in daily work sheets to office for billing. Make sure time card is correct and turn in to office on a weekly basis.Possibility of Subcontracting Snow plowing if you have a plow truck. style="text-align: center;" style="text-align: center;"