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Michigan Army National Guard Engineer in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

Enlisted MOS Options12B Combat EngineerOVERVIEWAs a combat engineer, you'll get your team out of any tough spot. You'll supervise and assist your team as it tackles rough terrain during combat operations. You will also construct fighting positions, prime and detonate explosives, and become an expert in general engineering.JOB DUTIESulliBuild fighting positions, defensive positions, and floating or fixed bridges/liliPlace and detonate explosives/liliClear paths of obstacles/liliInstall firing systems for demolition/liliDetect mines visually or with mine detectors/li/ulSome of the skills yoursquo;ll learn are:ulliBasic demolitions/liliBasic explosive hazards/liliConstructing wire obstacles/liliFixed bridge building/liliBasic urban operations/liliOperating heavy equipment/li/ul12C Bridge CrewmemberOVERVIEW Bridge crewmembers provide bridge and rafting support for dry and wet gap-crossing operations when a squad, section or platoon tackles rough terrain in combat situations. JOB DUTIESulliOperate bridge truck and light vehicles/liliPerform duties as a deckhand on the bridge erection boat/liliAssist in the preparation of bridge sites, rafts and bridge operations/liliParticipate in the installation of kedge anchorage systems, wire obstacle material, overhead anchorage systems and demolition firing systems/liliLaunch and retrieve ribbon bridge bays/liliParticipate in the assembly and maintenance of military fixed and float bridges/li/ulSome of the skills yoursquo;ll learn are:ulliBasic construction methods and engineering principles/liliBridge building/liliRoad maintenance and repair/liliRough carpentry and rigging/liliUse of hand and power tools/li/ul12H Construction Engineer SupervisorOVERVIEWNothing will stand in your way because you will build a way around or through any problem. From explosives to bridges to manning the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, you will be able to use or build whatever you need to complete the mission.JOB DUTIESbull; Place demolitions, conduct reconnaissance and support units with mobilitybull; Neutralize and suppress the enemy using the Bradley Fighting Vehiclebull; Construct roads, buildings, military bases, airfields, etc.bull; Construct numerous bridgesbull; Perform search and rescue operationsbull; Write new policies and research alternative engineering technologies12K PlumberOVERVIEWArmy National Guard plumbers and pipe fitters are responsible for installing and repairing plumbing and pipe systems.JOB DUTIESulliMaintain heating systems, basic water supply and water distribution systems/liliMaintain pipe systems for wastewater/liliPerform basic plumbing repair and maintenance/liliMaintain plumbing fixtures, pipes, stacks, brackets, traps, vents and insulation/liliCreat and read constructio